A GitHub app that optimizes your images

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Get back to coding

Don't spend another second worrying about compressing your images. Focus on your application and let ImgBot take care of keeping your images in good shape.

The world is moving

Your users are increasingly mobile and you need to be too. Images account for most of the data downloaded on the go and can lead to seriously delayed page loads.

Accelerate your app

When your site is fast then your users are happier, and when your users are happy, everyone is happy. This goes for apps and websites alike, if you want to load quickly, your images need to be optimized.

ImgBot Features

  • Lossless compression
  • Fully open source implementation
  • Natural pull request workflow
  • GitHub app based permissions
  • Compression summaries
  • Schedulable optimization runs
  • File and folder ignore options
  • Stronger compression options
  • Signed and verified commits
  • Public + Private repo support
  • Free for Open Source projects

How it works

1. Install

Install ImgBot from the GitHub marketplace into your projects with the click of a button.

2. Merge

ImgBot will send you your first pull request optimizing all of the images that it can find.

3. Win

ImgBot watches for new images in your repository and opens more pull requests.